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telecom solutions for retail chains

Telecom Solutions for Retailers

Customer Service and Multi-location Connectivity are the two major challenges of the retail industry. Internal co-ordination and inventory management are the raw materials for the retailers to run things smoothly with reduced operations expense. From taking orders on phone, routing orders to kitchen and quick delivery, the nature of the industry makes communication its center of operations, inherently demanding a business VoIP system.

Matrix Communication solution is a single box solution that caters to all the needs of the retail industry. From increased customer engagement to streamlining business functions, a Matrix VoIP phone system for business does it all. It places the customer call directly to the reception, handles internal communication with ease to decrease communication cost, connects head office to retail stores with one-touch access and provides scalable system for future growth.


Minimize Telephony Costs, Expand Reach
  • Shared Lines

    Common Outgoing Lines among all Employees - Optimum Usage of Organization’s Resources

  • Least Cost Routing

    Selectively use PSTN, GSM/3G and VOIP Lines to Place Local, Mobile or Long Distance Calls

  • Toll Control

    Selectively Allow and Restrict Employees from Calling Certain Areas and Numbers

  • Call Budgeting

    Limit Outgoing Calls – Extension-wise and Trunk-Wise - Optimum Usage of Resources

  • Auto Call Disconnect

    Automatically Limit Unwanted Lengthy Conversations – Set Call Duration

Minimize Telephony Costs, Expand Reach
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
  • Save Cost on Inter-department Extension Calls

  • Scalable System Protects Future Investment

  • Reduce Outgoing Calls with Variety of Networks - IP, PSTN, GSM and PRI

Connect Head Offices and Retail Stores, Cost-effectively
  • Reduce Telecommunication Charges by using Peer-to-Peer VOIP Telephony to Connect Branches

  • Improve Internal Co-ordination with Faster Connectivity to Departments

  • Bypassing PSTN Toll using VOIP Reduces Long-distance Charges Significantly

  • Dial-by-Extension Number with simplified 3-Digit Dialling

  • Secured Communications using SRTP/TLS over VOIP

Connect Head Offices and Retail Stores, Cost-effectively
Enhance Image and Professional Visibility
Enhance Image and Professional Visibility
  • Voice Mail with Personalized Greetings

  • Multi-participants Conference Bridge

  • Play Automated Greetings 24X7

  • Play Music or Information for Callers on the Hold

Quickly Note Orders and Dispatch Information
  • Customer Engagement – Connect to Concerned Department, Forward Calls and Music on Hold

  • Improved Customer Service - Instant SMS Confirmation of Order Noting and Home Delivery Info

Quickly Note Orders and Dispatch Information
Mobile Workplace Environment
Mobile Workplace Environment
  • Use Your Own Device - Mobile and PC as Office Extension and Save Cost

  • One-touch Connectivity to All Departments - Inventory Management, Kitchen and Reception

  • UC Features – Chat, Video Calling, Short Cut Keys (DSS), Unified Messaging and Outlook Integration

Hassle-free Maintenance
  • Web based Remote Management for anywhere Control Over Systems

  • Reduced Downtime due to Backup CPU and Power Supply

  • Secured Login with HTTP/HTTPS

  • TR069 helps in Auto Configuration

  • SNMP for Monitoring

  • Easy to Manage for Mass Deployments

  • Simple UI and Installation Wizard helps Adding Users, Extensions and Class of Service Easily

Hassle-free Maintenance



Retail Solution

Retail Personnel
Matrix helps retail personnel effectively manage inventory and serve customers better. Retail Personnel
  • UC Client for PCs/Laptops
  • Call Management with Single Click Calls
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Single Click Calls for Quick and Emergency Calling
  • Quick Connectivity to Inter Departments - Meetings and Discussions
  • Send SMS through PBX for Notifications
  • Integration with Public Address System and Fire Alarm for Emergency Broadcast
  • Minimize Telephony Costs while Calling Prospective Employees for Recruitment
Inventory Management
Matrix provides a solution which helps in improving inventory management. Inventory Management
  • Advance Call Capabilities - Video Calls, Instant Messaging and Conversation Recording
  • Mobile/PC Extensions for Connectivity while on the Move
  • Corporate Directory Integration for Contact Selection
  • Track Supplies with Integrating Third Party Software
  • Audio Conference Calls for Streamlining Supplies with Departments and Suppliers
Deploy all Marketing Strategies and Communicate Effectively to Customers: Marketing
  • One-Touch Connectivity to Finance/Retail Stores for Sales Data, Trend Analysis and Costing
  • During Market Visits/Tours - Use BYOD (Bring your Own Device) as Office Extension
  • Send Promotional SMS for Scheme Awareness – through In-skin GSM Card of PBX
  • Communicate effectively and immediately in case of any new changes in marketing trends.
Matrix helps finance departments towards faster operations: Finance
  • Quick Connectivity to Distributors and Sales Force on Mobile Extensions for Payment Issues
  • Faster Operations with Direct Station Selection Keys for Shortcut Connectivity
  • SMDR helps in generating online and offline reports for keeping tabs on call expense.
  • Call Conference with Marketing and Management for Pricing Structures and Reforms
Store Operations
Matrix helps stores operate in enhanced ways: Store Operations
  • Customer Engagement - Broadcast Store Announcement with Public Address System
  • Enhance Productivity with Advance Call Management for Faster Project Completion
IT Staff / Administrator
Matrix works as an aid for IT staff by providing: IT Staff / Administrator
  • Connect Multiple Locations - Head Office, Factory and R&D Centre using VOIP
  • Web-based Remote Management for Anywhere Control over Systems
  • Manage System using Local Language
  • Reduced Downtime with Redundancy during Power Failures
  • Secure Login with HTTP/HTTPS
  • Easy to Manage for Mass Deployments
  • Simple UI and installation wizard help adding users, extensions and class of service easily.


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