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Innovative One-touch

Innovative One-touch

Innovative One-touch All Branch
Central Communication

Proficient Customer

Proficient Customer Engagement

Proficient Customer Engagement and
Order/Dispatch Service

Improve Coordination

Improve Coordination

Improve Coordination with Faster
Inter-Department Connectivity

Telecom Solutions for Retail Chains

Customer Service and Multi-location Connectivity are the two crucial challenges of the retail industry. Internal coordination and inventory management are the raw materials for the retailers to run things smoothly with reduced operations expenses. From taking orders on the phone, routing orders to the kitchen, and quick delivery, the nature of the industry makes communication its center of operations, inherently demanding a business VoIP system.

Matrix Communication solution is a single-box solution that caters to all the needs of the retail industry. From increased customer engagement to streamlining business functions, a Matrix VoIP phone system for business does it all. It places the customer call directly to the reception, handles internal communication with ease to decrease communication cost, connects the head office to retail stores with one-touch access, and provides a scalable system for future growth.

Solution Scenario

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Solution Feature


  • Smart Retail Reception UC Client for PCs/Laptops
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Single Click Call Management for Quick and Emergency Calling
  • Quick Connectivity to Inter Departments - Meetings and Discussions
  • Send SMS through PBX for Notifications
  • Integration with Public Address System and Fire Alarm for Emergency Broadcast
  • Minimize Telephony Costs while Calling Prospective Employees for Recruitment

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