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telecom solutions for power utilites

Telecom Solutions for Power Utilities

Power utility companies with already laid power distribution network intend to use the same power grids as communication link among various sub-stations. Matrix Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) EPAX integrates with the existing power line infrastructure and uses the same network for communication across various sites. Matrix Power Line Communication Device is an advanced technology switch with support for all types of networks present in the modern power grids. Besides traditional E&M, CO and ISDN connectivity, the PLC communication device empowers power grids to avail multilateral benefits of cost effective IP and GSM networks. The system architecture with optional redundancy and hot-swap capabilities offers higher reliability and maintenance ease for minimum downtime.

Matrix scalable power line communication solution being tailored on the latest technology can be deployed in the existing network infrastructure. The entire arrangement offers benefits such as early return on investment and save time and efforts required for training the IT and administrative staff for monitoring and maintaining new system.


  • Minimum Downtime of the System for continuous Connectivity
  • Empower grid with Secured Communications
  • Battery Backup/Redundancy during Power Fluctuations
  • Save Telephony Cost by using Existing E&M Infrastructure
  • Radio Network for Connectivity between Control Room and Security
  • Faster Connectivity with Hot Line during Emergencies
  • Easy Integration with existing PLCC Infrastructure
  • Seamless Integration of Multiple Locations
  • Flexible Scalability to Meet Changing Requirements
  • Ease of Management with Reliability


PLCC Express Switch

The modular and software driven architecture of the Matrix PLCC EPAX provides dependable platform for PLCC Express applications. Moreover, redundancy of critical hardware blocks is provided to meet the needs of mission-critical applications.

ETERNITY PLCC Express is the superset of all switching functions. It has capabilities to work as a PLCC EPAX with transit functions. It also performs the role of a normal Office PBX, saving over the separate switching infrastructure and Office PBX.

PLCC Express Switch

Gateway Interface

To cater the increasing need of redundant network for communication of utility companies, a need of the alternate technologies like GSM and IP has emerged.

Matrix PLCC EPAX provides interface for extending the communication redundancy to GSM and IP networks through expansion cards without changing the existing setup. In addition, the PLCC EPAX has the interface for connecting external VOIP and GSM Gateways to leverage benefits of these networks along with E&M network.


Power Utilities Solution

Sales Force
Matrix provides a comprehensive solution for field employees: Sales Force
  • Mobile and PC Apps as Office Extension for Day-to-day Communications
  • Advance Call Capabilities with Video Calling, Instant Messaging and Conversation Recording
  • Directory Integration creates Category to choose from Extensions, Phone and All Contacts
  • Voice Mail helps Stay Connected with Business Calls
Matrix helps finance departments towards faster operations: Finance
  • Quick Connectivity to Distributors and Sales Force on Mobile Extensions for Payment Issues
  • Faster Operations with Direct Station Selection Keys for Shortcut Connectivity
  • SMDR helps in Generating Online and Offline Reports for Keeping Tabs on Call Expense
  • Call Conference with Marketing and Management for Pricing Structures and Reforms
Matrix helps Engineers to Work more Efficiently for Enhanced Results: Engineering
  • In-Skin Radio Connectivity through Walkie-Talkie
  • Emergency Broadcast through PA System and Fire Alarm System
  • Flexibility with Wider Input Range for Power Supplies
Matrix helps purchase department for quick deployments and material availability: Purchase
  • Minimize Telephony Costs while Calling Prospective and Existing Vendors
  • Quick Connectivity to Inter Departments for Meetings and Discussions
  • Coordinate with Inter Departments for better Inventory Management
IT Staff / Administrator
Matrix works as an aid for IT staff by providing: IT Staff / Administrator
  • Connect Multiple Locations - Head Office, Factory and R&D Center using VOIP or QSIG
  • Web-based Remote Management for Anywhere Control Over Systems
  • Manage System using Local Language
  • Reduced downtime with Redundancy during Power Failures
  • Secure Login with HTTP/HTTPS
  • Easy to Manage for Mass Deployments
  • Simple UI and Installation Wizard helps Adding Users, Extensions and Class of Service Easily


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