High productivity with precision is the biggest challenge for manufacturing industry. To achieve it, communication is of prime importance. Manufacturing enterprises need a reliable communication link between their employees dispersed across various locations. They need an advance phone system in place to reduce capital and operational expense and manage resources from a single location.

To meet all critical and essential communication needs of manufacturing enterprises, Matrix offers a range of reliable and advance communication solutions. Matrix Communication solutions help manufacturing enterprises to streamline business processes, reduces time-to-market, increase productivity and enhance corporate image. They can integrate multiple facilities and sites under a single network to share common resources and incorporate uniform services across all locations.


Minimized Telephony Costs Expands Reach
  • Shared Lines

    Use common outgoing lines among all office users for optimum usage of the organization’s resources.

  • Least Cost Routing

    Selectively use PSTN, GSM/3G and VoIP lines to place local, mobile or long distance calls.

  • Toll Control

    Selectively allow and restrict employees from calling certain areas and numbers.

  • Call Budgeting

    Define calling budget for individual users and outgoing lines to ensure optimum usage of resources. On exceeding budget, the system automatically blocks class of services.

  • Auto Call Disconnect

    Limit unwanted lengthy conversations by automatically disconnecting active call if exceeding a pre-defined call duration limit.

Minimized Telephony Costs Expands Reach
Connect Factories and Branch Offices Cost-Effectively
Connect Factories and Branch Offices Cost-Effectively
  • Reduce telecommunication charges by using Peer-to-Peer VoIP telephony to connect branches.
  • Bypassing PSTN Toll using VoIP reduces long-distance charges significantly.
  • Dial-by-Extension Number with Simplified 3-Digit Dialing
  • Secured Communications using SRTP/TLS over VoIP
Enhance Image and Professional Visibility
  • Voice Mail with Personalized Greetings
  • Multi-participants Conference Bridge
  • Play Automated Greetings 24X7
  • Play Music or Information for Callers on the Hold
Enhance Image and Professional Visibility
Quickly Note Orders and Dispatch Information
Quickly Note Orders and Dispatch Information
  • Efficient handling of distributor calls – Transfer to other dept., Forward Calls, Conference, Music on Hold
  • Instant SMS Confirmation of Order Noting and Dispatch Info
Create a Flexible Workplace for Employees
  • Surf, Play, Talk Wireless
  • Freedom from Cables
  • Works with any Wi-Fi enabled Devices for Voice and Data Communications
  • Integration with Public Address and Fire Alarm System for Broadcasting
Create a Flexible Workplace for Employees
Reach to Field Professionals Anywhere, Anytime
Reach to Field Professionals Anywhere, Anytime
  • Easily connect with field employees using Mobile Softphone App.
  • Use latest VoIP technology to get rid of cellular, CUG and roaming call charges.
  • Video Call, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging helps connecting instantly with the field professionals.
  • Monitor status of home landlines from outside to avoid misuse by employees.
  • Mobile Softphone Available for popular Android/iPhone
Easy Central Management of Multiple Branches
  • Web based Remote Management for anywhere Control over Systems
  • Secure Login with HTTP/HTTPS
  • TR069 helps in Auto Configuration
  • SNMP for Monitoring
  • Easy to Manage for Mass Deployments
  • Simple UI and Installation Wizard makes adding users, extensions and Class of Service easy.
Easy Central Management of Multiple Branches



Manufacturing Solution

Head Office/HR
Matrix provides a complete solution for head offices of manufacturing units: Head Office/HR
  • Quick Connectivity with Inter Departments for Meetings and Discussions
  • Send SMS through PBX for Notifications
  • Integration with Public Address System and Fire Alarm for Emergency Broadcast
  • Minimize Telephony Costs while Calling Prospective Employees for Recruitment
Factory / Production
Matrix helps manufacturing units stay connected with factory units for improved performance and enhanced productivity: Factory / Production
  • Send Order Noting and Dispatch Confirmation through SMS
  • Connect to Head Office with Three Digit Dialling for Faster Operations and Decision Making
  • Use Outgoing Telephone Lines of Head Office and Reduce Telephony Cost
Sales Force
Matrix provides a comprehensive solution for field employees: Sales Force
  • Mobile and PC Apps as Office Extension for Day-to-day Communications
  • Advance Call Capabilities with Video Calling, Instant Messaging and Conversation Recording
  • Directory Integration to choose from Extensions, Phone and All Contacts
  • Voice Mail helps Stay Connected with Business Calls
Matrix helps finance departments for faster operations: Finance
  • Quick Connectivity to Distributors and Sales Force on Mobile Extensions for Payment Issues
  • Faster Operations with Direct Station Selection Keys for Shortcut Connectivity
  • SMDR helps in generating online and offline reports for keeping tabs on call expense.
  • Call Conference with Marketing and Management for Pricing Structures and Reforms
R&D Center
Matrix aids R&D to adapt faster and better methods for processes and production: R&D Center
  • Connect with Production Department for Day-to-day Operations
  • Enhance Productivity with Advance Call Management for Quick Project Completion
  • Minimize Telephony Cost using VOIP for Long Distance Client Calls
  • Convenience with Call Scheduling from Home or Office
IT Staff / Administrator
Matrix works as an aid for IT staff by providing: R&D Center
  • Connect Multiple Locations - Head Office, Factory and R&D Centre using VOIP
  • Web-based Remote Management for anywhere Control over Systems
  • Manage System using Local Language
  • Reduced Downtime with Redundancy during Power Failures
  • Secure Login with HTTP/HTTPS
  • Easy to Manage for Mass Deployments
  • Simple UI and Installation Wizard make adding users, extensions and class of service easy.