Higher In-house

Higher In-house and Field Mobility

Higher In-house
and Field Mobility

Faster Distributor/Sales

Faster Distributor/Sales Operations Connectivity

Faster Distributor/Sales
Operations Connectivity


Ultra-Modern Communication Architecture

Communication Architecture

Telecom Solutions for Manufacturing

High productivity with precision is becoming one of the biggest challenges these days. To achieve the same, manufacturing enterprises need to synchronize various processes. Strong internal communication is a prerequisite for monitoring their employees who are working at remote locations to ensure timely delivery of superior quality goods.

Matrix has specifically built a range of reliable and advanced IP-PBX systems for manufacturing enterprises to meet all their essential communication needs. Matrix Communication solutions help the staff to respond to their customers quickly, lower time-to-market, increase productivity, and enhance corporate image. The manufacturing units can bring multiple facilities and sites on a single network to share common resources and incorporate uniform services across all locations with Matrix VoIP Gateways for the manufacturing industry.

Solution Scenario

Solution Scenario

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Solution Feature


  • Use Shared outgoing lines among all office users for optimum usage of the organization’s resources.
  • Least Cost Routing - Automated Selectively use of PSTN, GSM/3G, and VoIP lines to place local, mobile, or long-distance calls.
  • Toll Control - Selectively allow and restrict employees from calling certain areas and numbers.
  • Call Budgeting - Define calling budget for individual users and outgoing lines to ensure optimum usage of resources. On exceeding budget, the system automatically blocks a class of services.
  • Minimize Telephony Cost using VOIP for Long-Distance Client Calls

Case Study

Nilon's Chooses Matrix

Nilon's Chooses Matrix Solutions For Better Execution Of Its Agrarian Supply Chain

Like other manufacturing factories, food processing industry relies greatly on efficient communication between the head office and the manufacturing units. However, communication between the branch offices also becomes crucial...

Establishing a complete wireless business communications

Matrix Assists India’s Flagship Mattresses And Comfort Accessories Brand In Establishing A Complete Wireless Business Communications

India based PU foam manufacturer established in 1971 is well known for making consumer comfort product. The mattress manufacturing giant has over 12 manufacturing units distributed across India and a corporate headquarter based...

Micromax Relied On Matrix

Micromax Relied On Matrix Telecom Solutions For Effective And Continuous Communication

Founded in Mombasa, the Tamarind Group owns and operates some of the most successful restaurants and leisure operations in Africa. Their focus on the original mission of continually improving the quality and value of their services...

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