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The modern growing businesses often face bigger challenges than those faced by the established and large entities. These small-sized organizations need to be more agile and productive with limited resources.
With that idea, we present this modern Phone system that is tailor-made for small and medium businesses. Designed to maximize the reachability and accessibility of an organization, this device boosts productivity.

ETERNITY PENX is an integrated IP-PBX with seamless mobility, designed for the SMB market segment. This new PENX platform offers higher RAM and Flash with enhanced features of the SARVAM application.
In addition to this, the user will also get the added benefits of advanced features such as VMS V7, VARTA and much more!

Underlying the SARVAM application, ETERNITY PENX offers the flexibility to choose from a variety of User Terminals such as Analog Phones, Digital Key Phones, IP Phones, SIP Softphones, SIP Handsets and even mobile phones as office extensions. The flexibility provides complete freedom from being tied to the desk and offers the ability to communicate from anywhere.




100 IP Users

100 IP Users

  • Better Connectivity
  • Enhanced Productivity
LDAP Client Support

LDAP Client Support

  • Centralized Directory
  • Easy Management
4G VoLTE ports

4G VoLTE ports

  • Calling Support through Interface Card
  • Mobile Extensions
Auto-Sign-in for Softphones

Auto-Sign-in for Softphones

  • One-touch Configuration
  • Reduce Installation Time
Presence Sharing

Presence Sharing

  • Screen sharing
  • Application Sharing
Intuitive and Easy Web GUI

Intuitive and Easy Web GUI

  • Monitor the Health of Devices in the Network
  • Simple UI & Enhanced UX
Multi-level IVR

Multi-level IVR

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Reduce Waiting Time
Built-in Auto-attendant and Voicemail

Built-in Auto-attendant and Voicemail

  • No Missed Messages
  • Customer Retention
Scheduled Backup of Voice messages

Scheduled Backup of Voice messages

  • Manual and Scheduled Backups
  • Automatic Backup in System Memory at a Scheduled Time


System Capacity ETERNITY PENX
Universal slots 6
FXS Ports (SLT) 48
DKP Port 16
IP User 100
FXO Ports (CO) 16
PRI ports 2
GSM/3G/LTE Ports 8
SIP Trunks 50
Max. VoIP Channel 64
Max. VMS Channel 16
Max. IP to IP Call (Transcoding) 32
Max. IP to IP Call (DRTP/Relay RTP) 64
Max. IP to TDM Call 64
Max. TDM to TDM Non-Blocking
No of Voice Module 16
Simultaneous Voice Module Playback 5
Max. Audio conference Participants (System Wide) 48
Max. Audio conference Participants (In a single Multi-Party Conference) 15
Max. Number of Simultaneous 3-party conference 16
Network Protocol IPV6, IPV4, TCP, UDP, VLAN, DHCP, PPPoE, QoS, STUN
Transport Protocol UDP, TCP, TLS
Codec G.711(A-law, μ-law), G.723,G.729AB,GSM-FR,iLBC
DTMF RTP(RFC2833), SIP Info, IN-Band
LAN Gigabit port
WAN Gigabit port
Voicemail Yes
Call Recording 2170 Hr.
Max. External Storage 32GB
Inter USB Port 1
External USB Port 1
Environment Operation Range: 0°C to 45°C,
Storage Range: -20°C to +70°C,
Operating Humidity: 5-95% RH Non-Condensing
Mounting 1U Rack Mount


Technical Datasheet Technical Datasheet

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