IP phones and media gateways for enterprise


Industries Specific Telecom Products/solutions

Efficient communication is necessary for every business industry. Matrix, a leading manufacturer of Telecom solutions with indigenous Research and Development center, understands the diverse communication issues which are unique to each industry. The rich experience of dealing with a wide range of customers has helped our engineers design solutions that meet end to end requirements of various industries such as Manufacturing, BFSI, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail Chains, Power Utilities, Call Centers, Government and Defense.

Matrix Telecom solutions enhance business communication and collaboration with its technologically advanced products such as Software based Unified Communication Server, Hardware based UC Client and Media Gateways. Unified Communications for industries strengthens quick decision making by maintaining smooth communication between various teams in an organization.

Employee collaboration is essential in every industry, for example between staff and manager in Hospitality, order and dispatch in Manufacturing, employee and customer in BFSI, and so on. Along with productivity, team engagement increases with mobile based application, VARTA and IP phones for business which facilitates communication from anywhere, anytime. Media Gateways bridge the gap between existing infrastructure and new age communication network of an organization at least cost for each call. With a wide range of products, Matrix offers the flexibility and scope of modification every industry needs to address industry specific requirements.


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