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telecom solutions for healthcare

Telecom Solutions for Healthcare

The shift in technology and awareness about good health and industry regulations has increased expectations for quality and on-demand healthcare services. As a matter of life is involved, timely assistance has become a critical facet for healthcare institutions. To deliver high-quality, in-time patient care service along with operational efficiency is the prevalent challenge for medical professionals.

By adding real-time communication processes into the healthcare workflow, your organization will see immediate improvements that enhance revenues, lower costs and allow a whole new level of convenience, personalization, interaction and wellness for the patients.

Matrix Healthcare Communication system offers advance and integrated solution for healthcare institutions to extend the mobility, reach ability and flexibility by means of communication and collaboration. The system leverages the current infrastructure and offers benefits of centralized management ensuring direct and anytime connectivity inside hospitals.

Matrix Healthcare Communication solutions provide seamless, tailored, targeted communication, and collaboration for hospital staff and patients. Matrix Hospital Communication solution helps healthcare organizations to reach the right resources regardless of location, mobilizing patient care team communications to enable them to help the patient for better care and success ratio. Matrix Healthcare Communication enables you to connect every stage of the patient care cycle – from the first contact and treatment to discharge, follow-up and prevention – across all channels, resources and interaction points.

Matrix offers a complete Hospital PBX solution for small to large hospitals with 20 to 3000 beds. Matrix Healthcare Communication solutions are based on cutting-edge IP technology and state-of-the-art design. These solutions are scalable to address the current as well as future communication needs of hospitals of every size.


Extend Mobility

Establish a real-time connectivity between patients and staff by mobilizing the workforce with BYOD extensions. Let hospital staff communicate with each other from anywhere in the hospital premises.

Extend Mobility
Enable Collaboration
Enable Collaboration

Matrix Healthcare Communication solution streamlines administrative processes through centralized management and advanced call management such as voice mail, auto-attendant, video calls, call conferencing as well as real-time communication processes.

Increase Staff Productivity and Efficiency

Enable medical professionals to quickly seek critical diagnosis and consult specialized expert in emergencies. Furthermore, pre-recorded automated voice guidance and instructions on phone helps hospital staff to focus on more important tasks.

Increase Staff Productivity and Efficiency
Increase Patient Satisfaction
Increase Patient Satisfaction

Enhance patient experience and satisfaction by delivering prompt services and personalized attention.

Ease of Management

The easy to use and intuitive web-interface simplifies administrative activities for the administrator. This also saves essential time and cost of providing technical support.

Ease of Management


Hospital Help-desk
Matrix Healthcare Solution Provides a Simplified Help-desk Solution by Providing: Hospital Help-desk
  • UC Client for PCs/Laptops
  • Call Management with Single Click Calls
  • Front Desk Management Features
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Single Click Calls for Quick and Emergency Calling
  • Radio/Pager Interfaces
  • Announcements for Emergency Cases
  • Room Status and Database
Matrix Healthcare solution allows you to make optimized use of a doctors’ valuable time. Doctors
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device) extensions for Doctors, for Emergency Call-ins
  • Attend calls through authenticated Mobility features, regardless your location.
  • Video Calls for Quick Diagnosis
  • Call Conferencing for Critical Case Discussions
  • Quick Messages for Chats
  • Pre-recorded Messages on Voicemail for Similar Cases
  • Hospital Directory Integration
Hospital Staff
Enhance Hospital Staff with Matrix solutions Hospital Staff
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device) - Extensions for Hospital Staff, for Quick Assistance
  • Video Calls/Call Conferencing/Quick Messages
  • Voicemail for every Staff Member
Provide Patients with Intensive Care through Matrix Healthcare Solutions Patients
  • Give your patients the best care possible by providing intensive care 24*7
  • Get Emergency Calls by Pressing a Single Button
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
Emergency Services
Be Ready for Emergencies with Matrix Healthcare Solutions Emergency Services
  • Attend emergency calls by simply holding the receiver or pressing a single button.
  • Get Immediate Assistance through Video Calls to Doctors
  • Get Quick Messages in Case of Hospital Emergency Cases
  • Get Quick Messages even in Cases of Fire Alarms
  • Radio/Announcements in Case of Emergencies
IT Staff / Administrator
Matrix Works as an Aid for IT Staff by Providing: IT Staff / Administrator
  • Web-based Management for Convenience
  • Easy Management
  • Secured Connections through TLS/SRTP
  • Password Protected, Trusted IP and Digest Authentication
  • Assigning Extensions on BYOD of Doctors/Staff Remotely
  • Managing all Emergencies, Calls, Voicemails and operations from a single desk.
Security Staff
Matrix Healthcare Solution helps Hospital Security Personnel Security Staff
  • Multi-port Radio Interface offers Mobility
  • Radio Interfaces allow internal as well as external calls
  • Radio Interfaces allow the security personnel to call in emergencies.
  • Interoperability with Radios
TADIRAN RT 6001/PRC 6020 (HF) HYT TM-610


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