24x7 Medical

24x7 Medical Team Connectivity

24x7 Medical
Team Connectivity

Enhanced Emergency

Enhanced Emergency Inter-Staff Reachability

Enhanced Emergency
Inter-Staff Reachability

Prompt Patient-care

Prompt Patient-care Communication Mobility

Prompt Patient-care
Communication Mobility

Telecom Solutions for Healthcare

With the current-day shift in global health and its relative technologies, the expectations for quality and on-demand healthcare services have increased. As a matter of life is involved, delivering high-quality, in-time patient care service along with operational efficiency is a prevalent challenge for medical professionals.

By adding real-time communication processes into the healthcare workflow, Matrix Hospital solutions help the medics reach the right resources regardless of location, thus mobilizing patient-care team connectivity.

Scroll down to know how Matrix Healthcare Communication seamlessly connects every stage of the patient-care cycle – from the first contact and treatment to discharge, follow-up, and prevention – across all channels, resources, and interaction points for a better success ratio.

Solution Scenario

Solution Scenario

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Solution Feature


  • Safe and Simplified Help-desk Operation with UC Clients
  • Call Management with Single Click Calls
  • Front Desk Management Features
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Patient Room Status and Medical Database Availability

Case Study

Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals opted for Matrix to drive communication between its two branches locations over cost-effective IP

Apollo Hospitals a forerunner of integrated healthcare in Asia, as well as globally has forged a legacy of excellence in Indian healthcare. Its presence encompasses over 10,000 beds over 51 hospitals, more than 1500 pharmacies and...

Healthy and Robust Communication

Matrix, Improved Healthy And Robust Communication Network At The Government Based Hospital

A Government hospital equipped with 350+ beds is spread across a lush green campus. The serene and positive atmosphere at the hospital offers a reassuring feeling to the patients and their families.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Seamlessly Connects Its Globally Located Branch Offices With Matrix Ip Phone Systems

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a research-driven pharmaceutical company with presence over 80 countries. They consistently strive towards their vision to emerge as a leading integrated research– based global pharmaceutical company...

IPCA Laboratories

IPCA Laboratories Controls Communication Cost with Matrix Digital PBX System

IPCA Laboratories is a fully integrated Indian pharmaceutical company manufacturing over 350 formulations and 80 Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates for various therapeutic segments. IPCA is one of the world's largest manufacturers...

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