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Secure High-capacity

Secure High-capacity

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Telecom Solutions for Government

For public offices, educational institutes, banks, and public service departments such as fire, police, and hospitals, connectivity and quick response to the community are very critical. The government entities require an advanced communication system to offer excellent services to society. They also need to maintain their communication network to serve various industrial sectors across the country or provinces.

Matrix Unified Communication platforms are specially designed to meet the varied needs of these government bodies. They can avail benefits of all advanced telephony features to offer anytime connectivity with the community, government bodies, and industry stakeholders. Matrix EPABX systems provide support of diverse networks and reliable communication link in case of a failover. The cost-effective and advanced solutions help government entities leverage avant-garde features and flexibilities to serve the community and society efficiently and timely.

Solution Scenario

Solution Scenario

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Solution Feature


  • Modernize The Legacy Telecom Architecture
  • Protect The Investment with Scalable Solutions
  • Integrate The Existing Equipment with New-age Technologies
  • Round-the-Clock Connectivity without Compromising with Shrinking Budget Limits

Case Study


An Embassy In Ghana Improves Accountability And Transparency With Matrix Gsm Gateways

Shifting abroad or going on a visitor's visa is fraught with gazillion complications. People are often concerned about their accommodations and itinerary in foreign places. While people are not within the limits...

Police Bhavan

Vadodara Based Security Sector Enhance Their Communication With Matrix ETERNITY GE

For the Police Department, connectivity and quick response to community is very critical. They need an advanced communication system to offer excellent services to the society. There were frequent breakdowns...

Government Oil and Natural Gas

Gujarat Based ONGC Improved Communication Between Multiple Branches With Matrix ETERNITY LE System

Government oil and natural gas generating unit suffices the need of petrol for the nation. Knowing the fact that petrol is going to get exhausted in near future, engineers...

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