Futuristic Teaching

Futuristic Teaching with Unified Communications

Futuristic Teaching
with Unified Communications

Reliable Mobility

Reliable Mobility for Remote Education

Reliable Mobility
for Remote Education

Intensive Real-time

Intensive Real-time Academic Connectivity

Intensive Real-time
Academic Connectivity


The everchanging teaching patterns, new concepts like smart classes, and changes in the curriculum demand the authorities introduce new academic technologies in their existing infrastructure. Effective communication between students and the faculty is required for prompt doubt clearance and appropriate future guidance. By adding real-time communication processes into our Education system, enhances a robust communication link facilitating the exchange of information regarding classes, changes in course, lecture timings, syllabus exchange, and more.

Matrix offers advanced and integrated solutions for educational institutions to extend mobility, reachability, and flexibility using communication and collaboration. The system leverages the current infrastructure and offers benefits of centralized management ensuring direct and anytime connectivity inside or outside an institution.

Scroll further and learn how cutting-edge IP technology and state-of-the-art design Matrix Telecom solutions are scalable to address the current as well as future communication needs of educational institutions of every size.

Solution Scenario

Solution Scenario

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Solution Feature


  • Single Click Call Management
  • Smart School/College Reception Management Features
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Single Click Calls for Quick and Emergency Calling
  • Announcements for Assembly, Staff Meetings, and More
  • Student Progress Status and Database

Case Study

Australian university offers

Matrix Team Intensify Australia Based Colleges Collaboration With Advanced Communication Platform For Universal Connectivity

The Australian university offers special diploma courses for beauty, business, information technology, multimedia, travel, tourism, event management and more. The students are allotted personal tutors on their demand to enable...

Matrix Provides Reliable Communication

Medical College Hospital And Research Center In Kerala Revitalizes Patient Care Capabilities With Matrix Telecom Solutions

Kerala based medical college, hospital and research institute is a pioneer in offering health care facilities and medical education in South India. The hospital offers treatment for snake bites, child diseases, burns, plastic...

Infodriveindia Optimized

Infodriveindia Optimized Business Opportunities With Cutting-Edge Matrix Telecom Solutions

InfodriveIndia collects 20 million import and export transactions from Indian ports every month. Customized reports are sent to companies helping them monitor their operations.To spread word about their business, the company needed...

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