Matrix Telecom Solutions
Matrix Telecom Solutions  
Matrix Media Gateway Range
Multiple-Network Bridging Solutions for Modern Businesses
Matrix Telecom Solutions
How does it feel to talk to someone in a language that is foreign to you? You can’t!
Don’t let your enterprise communication suffer the same complications. The future of business connectivity is here and ready to be delivered at your doorstep under the name of Matrix Media Gateway Range. Our plethora of this network-bridging solution offers multiple choices to choose from GSM-FXS, VoIP-FXO-FXS, VoIP-PRI, GSM-FCT. You name it, we bridge it!
Conveyance and Calling go hand-in-hand, hence these technological gems come equipped with :
Key Features:
Hotline Extension Setting
Restrict Unwanted Calls with a List of Denied Numbers
Call Detail Records of 2,000 Calls
Enhance Connectivity of Existing TDM PBX
Maintain Existing Dialling Habits and Business Communication Patterns
Dial Emergency Numbers even in the Absence of SIM on GSM/3G Networks
Cost-effective Inter-branch Office Communication
Centralized Management and Monitoring
Remote Access to Main Office Network
Peer-to-peer and Proxy Calling between Distant Locations
Maintain Vital Business Continuity during IP Network Failure
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