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telecom solutions for defence

Telecom Solutions for Defence

Defense personnel work in extreme circumstances and stop at nothing when it comes to serving their country. To continue doing so requires team work, internal communication and technology support. A system with similar characteristics is required to complement them. A resilient business phone system is the key to command communications.

Military communication system must be robust and is expected to have high failure tolerance. In critical situations, communication can be effectively carried out with the backbone of VoIP PBX for military.

Matrix EPABX System in defense is one of the most rugged systems offering redundancy, scalability and flexibility for 24X7 connectivity and investment protection. Matrix IP-PBX offers seamless network coverage and minimum downtime in case of power failure. With unified networks on board and multi-location solution, Matrix simplifies collaboration and network management providing everything on a single platform.


Continuous Connectivity
  • Connect Different Field Camps – through VOIP and PRI Network
  • Minimum Downtime – Additional Power Supply for Emergency Communication
  • Redundancy – Backup CPU to Stay Connected during Primary System Failure
  • Seamless Network Coverage
Continuous Connectivity
Seamless Collaboration
Seamless Collaboration
  • Unified Network Support – CO, PRI, VOIP and GSM Trunks
  • Anywhere, Anytime Connectivity – Mobile and PC Apps as Office Extension
  • Wireless Solution Connecting Control Room to Guard Room - Radio
Secured Connectivity
  • Magneto Phones – for Confidential Communications
  • TLS/SRTP – Security Layer Protocols
Secured Connectivity
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
  • Operator’s Delight with 1,000 + Call Management Features – Call Forward, Call Parking, Call Hold, etc.
  • Meetings and Discussions – Call Conference with Dial-in and Drag and Drop Transfer
  • Easy Management of System – Web Based GUI for Remote Support and Configuration
  • Complaint Booking with Ease – Third Party Integration with IVRs
  • TR069 helps in Auto Configuration


Defence Diagram


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