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Vadodara Based Security sector enhance their communication with Matrix ETERNITY GE

For the Police Department, connectivity and quick response to community is very critical. They need an advanced communication system to offer excellent services to the society. There were frequent breakdowns and service support issues with the old system at the security body. Furthermore, call management features and flexibility of switching to new technology was not available with the old system. These issues disturbed the smooth communication at security facility.

Matrix very well understood that the pain areas of the security body were reliability, service support and communication system with outdated technology. Absence of intelligent features such as Abbreviated Dialing and Multiple Calling Line options including GSM and VOIP acted as a hurdle for the smooth communication.

INDUSTRY Government Sector
CUSTOMER Security Body based in Vadodara
LOCATION Vadodara, India
  • Frequent Breakdown with the Old System
  • No After-sales Support for the Old System
  • Monthly Recurring High Communication Costs
  • Not Supporting Latest Technology and Features
  • Matrix ETERNITY GE12S IP Communication Platform
  • Eight CO Trunks, Four Digital Key Phone Extensions and
  • 80 Analog Extensions
  • Four built-in GSM SIMs for Calling Other Stations and
  • Patrolling Jeeps over CUG
  • Efficient Communications - Reach Patrolling Jeeps or
  • Stations by Dialing Short Numbers

Matrix team, with its channel partner A2Z Communications, approached the authorities of security body and gained their trust by offering on-site demonstrations. Matrix offered a nimble and scalable solution that can cater to their evolving needs. Matrix helped the body address their connectivity issues by replacing the old system with a new-age communication system. The system is configured for eight Analog trunks, four Digital Key Phones, 80 Analog Phones and four GSM SIM Cards. All the police stations and patrolling jeeps are now configured through speed-dialing based on the priority of locations and routes. With built-in GSM functionality of IP-PBX, all calls intended for patrolling jeeps are routed using CUG SIMs inserted in the system. Use of CUG SIMs has resulted in significant savings on monthly communication cost and enhanced reachability to multiple stations.

  • IP Enabled Future-proof Solution
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Prompt Calling through Speed Dialing
  • Reach Patrolling Jeeps easily through CUG Calling based on the Jeep's Route
  • Reduced Telephony Costs by 40%
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