Italy Based Luxury Hotel Integrated Matrix Telephony Solution For Streamline Communication Processes

The quality of services is of utmost importance for the hotel as it got to stand true on its reputation of being one of the most quality conscious hotel offering ultimate comfort and luxury experience to its guests. The hotel was in need of a communication solution that is in line with its high quality service standards. After considering various options the hotel selected Matrix IP Phone Systems.

INDUSTRY Hospitality
CUSTOMER Italy based Luxury Hotel
  • Integrated Hospitality Communication
  • Distinctive Guest Service
  • Integration with PMS and Hotel Phones
  • Mobility for Hotel Staff
  • Matrix ETERNITY GE12S IP Communication Platform
  • Matrix EON48P Operator Consoles
  • Matrix EON48S Digital Key Phones
  • Matrix Voice Mail System
  • Integration with Protel PMS
  • Bittel Guest Room Phones
  • Polycom IP-DECT Mobility
  • IP enabled future-proof and Scalable Solution
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Streamlined Hotel Operations
  • Prompt and Efficient Guest Services
  • Increased Staff Reachability

The Italy based Hotel with a reputation for quality services and memorable guest experience, was looking for an IP based solution to interconnect their PMS, Hotel Phones and DECT mobility stations. The hotel communication system had to offer latest technologies and services to automate routine operations and enable staff with mobility to quickly respond from anywhere. The hospitality solution should be scalable, open to integrate and lower CAPEX to meet future expansion needs.

Considering overall aspects of features, technology, engineering, quality, the hotel opted for Matrix ETERNITY IP -PBX. Matrix in association with its Italy based partner Intertel, delivered state-of-the-art hospitality solution. Matrix provided IP Telephony solution with Hotel IP -PBXs, Hotel Management Software, PMS Integration, Guest Room Phones, Operator Consoles, Voice Mail and IP -DECT integration for Staff Mobility.

The results were evident. Matrix with its IP based hospitality PBX solution interconnected multi-vendor devices and technologies to offer integrated hotel solution. All hotel staff – concierge, housekeeping and operators are now 'connected' while on-the-move. No guest requests are unattended or no call gets missed. Guests enjoy a highly personalized experience starting from the time they make reservation and extending throughout their stay. Guests get response on first ring itself, set alarms and personalized greetings from room phones. Front desk can see the room clean and reservation status, allocate guest privileges, and fetch telephony and minibar charges to PMS from centralized web inter face.

“Hospitality industry is under constant pressure to offer both superior hospitality and technology experience to their leisure and business travelers. Matrix, offers its cost-effective and reliable products to streamline communication processes, enhance guests' experience and equip hotel staff to be productive and reachable from anywhere.” Said General Manager of the Hotel

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