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  The world is turning towards a digital approach for everything from the simple task of buying groceries to vital livelihood operations. Running multinational companies and international academies are all a part of it. With the corporate future now being prone to unprecedented calamities such as a pandemic, we are turning towards a whole new era [...]


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  We live in a world, where the quickest mantra to profit gain is getting more for less. The idea of a SOHO is the embodiment of the same. The graphs of expansion of the technological advancements and the spatial requirements of a business, over the years are inversely proportional to each other. So [...]

How is the UC&C Market expected to grow Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic?

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Unified communication (UC&C) solutions help organizations provide their employees with real-time access to services such as conferencing, data sharing, messaging, and phone communications from several devices, thereby improving and streamlining business processes. Integration with the latest technologies with UC has greatly helped organizations to change the face of their communication systems. Virtual assistants, bots and other [...]

Unified Communication Can Help Elevate Your Small Business Bottom Line

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Imagine a situation where your child is calling you on your mobile; your colleague is waiting for a response on the desk phone while you are writing an Email to a potential customer. How hectic and troublesome this situation is and how often does this happen? To ease your work and give communication convenience, don’t you [...]

Unified Communication: 5 Real-time Features for your Workforce Productivity

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Communication hurdles in an enterprise can have adverse impacts on enthusiasm, working relationships between the employees, error-free results, business profit and more. These problems, when left unchecked, can cause potential reduction in staff productivity, high employee turnover, and other issues that can bring down the company’s public image. And for today’s dynamic enterprise environment, smarter communication [...]

Why Unified Communications is important for Enterprises?

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Are you an enterprise functional in multiple countries? Or even cities? Do you have employee base active round the clock? Are your employees deputed on the field and visit clients? Do you have clients across the globe? Or you wish to have them across the world? And the most important question, are you ‘the’ facility manager [...]

How Unified Communication Drive Modern Enterprises?

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Todays’ flexible work locations require 24X7 connectivity that is not confined to one office or address. At the same time, a person can be contacted through various means such as calls, emails, fax, etc. therefore it is now essential than ever to unify our communication endpoints for easy management. The 21st-century workforce is thriving on Unified [...]