telecom solutions for bfsi

Telecom Solutions for BFSI

In today’s volatile global economy, communication through various channels has become an inevitable part of BFSI industry. Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries are under mounting pressure to offer anytime connectivity with value chain partners and customers without increasing operational costs and communication delay. The reliable, quality and secured communication link is of the utmost importance for these industries. Moreover, the communication tools and devices play a significant role in increasing staff productivity and efficiency.

Matrix has developed a range of products that forms a comprehensive solution for any type of financial institution. The unified messaging and mobility features ensure anytime connectivity with customers, increasing employee productivity and responsiveness. The advance IP terminal by Matrix is the tool that traders will prefer for their critical communication during high market hours.


Establish Anytime Connectivity with Valued Customers
Establish Anytime Connectivity with Valued Customers
Control over Operational Costs with No Communication Delay
Control over Operational Costs with No Communication Delay
Increase Banker Productivity and Responsiveness
Increase Banker Productivity and Responsiveness
Ensure Continual Business during High Market Hours
Ensure Continual Business during High Market Hours


Banking Help-desk
Matrix Banking Solution Provides a Simplified Help-desk solution: Banking Help-desk
  • UC Client for PCs/Laptops
  • Call Management with Single Click Calls
  • Outlook Integration for Direct Calling through Emails
  • Single Click Calls for Quick and Emergency Calling
  • Radio Interfaces
  • Announcements for Emergency Cases
  • Room Status and Database
Matrix Banking Solution Allows you to make Optimized Use of a Banker’s Valuable Time: Bankers
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device) Extensions for Bankers, for Important Call-ins
  • Attend Calls through Authenticated Mobility Features, regardless your Location
  • Video Calls for Face-to-face Meetings
  • Call Conferencing for Critical Business Discussions
  • Quick Messages for Chats
  • Pre-recorded Messages on Voicemail for Similar Cases
  • Banking Directory Integration
Provide Customers with Immediate Assistance through Matrix Banking solution Customers
  • Best Customer Service through Round the Clock Assistance
  • Emergency Calls by Pressing a Single Button
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
Emergency Services
Be Ready for any Type of Emergency with Matrix Banking solution. Emergency Services
  • Make Emergency Calls by Simply Dialling Emergency Number
  • Radio/Announcements in Case of Emergencies
IT Staff/Administer
Matrix Works as an Aid for IT Staff by Providing: IT Staff/Administer
  • Web-based Management for Convenience
  • Easy Management
  • Secured Connections through TLS/SRTP
  • Password Protected, Trusted IP and Digest Authentication
  • Assigning Extensions on BYOD of Bankers/Staff Remotely
  • Managing all Emergencies, Calls, Voicemails and all Operations from a Single Desk
Security Staff
Matrix Banking solution helps the Security Personnel of a Bank tremendously. Security Staff
  • Multi-port Radio Interface Offering Mobility
  • Radio Interfaces Allow Internal as well as External Calls
  • Radio Interfaces Allow Security Personnel to Call in Emergencies
  • Interoperability with Radios
TADIRAN RT 6001/PRC 6020 (HF) HYT TM-610


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