Today’s dynamic business environment requires real-time communication solution with anytime anywhere access. Business Communication often fails to keep pace with these demands due to complex architecture and rigid interfaces.

Matrix presents VARTA WIN200 - The UC Client, redefining communication experience with its variety of collaboration features and intuitive user interface. Powered by MATRIX SARVAM UCS, VARTA WIN200 empowers user to switch or extend the extension to their desktop computer. It offers real-time features such as Video Calling, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging, Drag-and-Drop Conference and BLF Keys (up to 600). The VARTA WIN200 elevates communication effectiveness and business productivity to the next level.

Key Features

Key Features

Applications and Benefits

Call Management made Easy

VARTA WIN200 brings all of your communication needs together in a single client making it an easy solution for users. With Corporate Directory Integration and Pop-Up Notification, VARTA WIN200 empower users to switch or extend extension to desktop computer. It delivers IP telephony solution to your desktop computer complementing it with call handling and convergence capabilities.

  • Comprehensive call handling capabilities with transfer, conference, hold, forward and DND
  • One Office – One Number, Seamless connectivity to office employees even on the move
  • Flexibility with integration of VARTA WIN200 with your IP Deskphone or Mobile App and avail benefits of same extension number
  • All contacts in one location with Corporate Global Directory Integration for easy access

Call Management made Easy

Increase Staff Productivity with Real-Time UC Features

VARTA WIN200 provides flexibility by allowing users to access services at any time in any place. Services are tightly linked to the user, providing unique levels of personalization and control over the communications experience leading to enhanced productivity. An example is the ability to access voice mail, text and instant messages from a single interface.

  • One touch access to extension numbers with 1000 Direct Station Selection Keys
  • Monitor Real-Time status of employees with 600 Busy Lamp Field Keys
  • Presence Sharing and Instant Messaging for live status updates and quick chats
  • Drag and Drop Conference for meetings offers convenience to the users and saves time
  • Contact Grouping for easy search and quick connectivity

Increase Staff Productivity with Real-Time UC Features

Invest in Your Collaboration Solution for Lower TCO and Higher ROI

VARTA WIN200 is a Business mobility solution which enable employees to get full access to enterprise communication features on desktop computers. Thereby extending anywhere connectivity for employees to stay in touch with business communications and enhance customer responsiveness.

  • Reduce mobile charges through desktop computer extension while outside state or country
  • Use Multi-Party Audio Conferencing and Drag and Drop Transfer for enhanced productivity leading to higher ROI
  • Protect your investment by utilizing existing desktop computer as an office extension

Invest in Your Collaboration Solution for Lower TCO and Higher ROI

Intuitive Interface and Personalization Leads to Customer Convenience

VARTA WIN200 offers new flexibility and manageability across Windows Desktop platforms to deliver exceptional levels of connectivity for the distributed workforce. It unravel communication bottlenecks, tie together applications with a simple user interface and support closer collaboration across enterprises. It also provides competitive differentiator by enabling employees to reach others quickly and eliminate delays to reach key decision-makers. With features like Contact grouping and Favorite Contacts, VARTA WIN200 enable users to personalize interface providing substance to solution.

  • Search Dial Pad allows to type contact name or extension number directly making it easy to use and manage
  • Intuitive icons and Graphical Designs enable users to identify and control features instantly making it easy to use
  • Personalize your interface by marking favorites contacts and contact grouping for quick connectivity
  • Get Call Logs and incoming Call Pop-Up notifications for customer convenience

Technical Specifications

Call Management - Call, Hold, Transfer, Forward, DND & Intercom Y Y
Multi-Party Audio Conf. Y Y
Presence Sharing & IM Y Y
Favourites & Contact Grouping Y Y
Blind Transfer Y Y
Video Call Y Y
Voicemail Y Y
Corporate Directory Integration Y Y
Menu options - Call Pickup, Paging, Message wait, Call Retrieve, Alarm and Reminder, Dynamic Lock, Dial-In Conference, CLIR, Room monitoring & Call supervision Y Y
Call Screening - ACB, Forced Answer, Global Hold, General Call Park, Call Chaining, Call Recording, IR & Barge-IN Y Y
Handover Y
Drag and Drop Transfer & Conference Y
1000 DSS & 600 BLF Keys Y
Call Transfer & Direct Call to other User's Voicemail Y

System Requirements

Supported Platforms Matrix ETERNITY NE, PE, GE, ME and LE range of IP-PBXs
Software Version ETERNITY V12R5.2 Onwards
Operating System Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Higher
Operating System Type: 32-bit or 64-bit
Processor CPU @ 2.0 GHz or Higher
RAM 2GB or Higher



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