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Work location for contemporary workforce is an important aspect considering long working hours, lengthy daily commute to office, temporary disability and demanding association with customers and suppliers. Failing to resolve these factors may lead to decreased productivity due to stress and fatigue and even may lead to the loss of the best talent due to job dissatisfaction. Teleworking has emerged as an effective solution for modern businesses to overcome these barriers and expand business horizons keeping the best workforce.

Teleworkers are becoming an essential part of modern small businesses and large enterprises. It enables them to increase collaboration with customers and suppliers, reduce real estate costs, control operational expenses and retain the best talent.


Matrix offers a comprehensive Teleworker solution for remote workers, home workers and mobile workers. Using the basic home phone, PC or mobile phone and internet connectivity, Teleworkers can share voice mail, dial office extensions, share trunk resources and access all in-office call management features as a remote extension. The master/centralised/head office system connects teleworkers with other office members free of cost and routes all their outside calls through the most cost-effective lines.

Matrix Telework solution helps organizations to expand talented employee-pool and reduce real estate costs by enabling them to work from remote location. Also the centralized call accounting ensures the efficient utilization of office resources.

Power to Teleworkers

Share Common Trunk Resources of Main Office
Capabilities of Enterprise Phone System
Global Call Pick-Up and Routing Groups
Centralized Voice Mail for Office Users and Teleworkers
Share Class of Services
Common Extension Dial Plan
Enterprise-wide Extension Numbering Plan
Presence Sharing and Instant Messaging
SIP based Softphone – No need of physical telephone instrument

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