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SPARSH VP248 is a high-definition VoIP phone built with superior acoustics and elegant design to provide unsurpassed audio quality and rich user experience.

Based on open standard SIP protocol, SPARSH VP248 is interoperable with any standard SIP infrastructure such as IP-PBX, SIP Proxies, Soft switches and Stand-alone applications.

SPARSH VP248 is designed for power users, knowledge workers and managers for quick access to the advance system features and functions. A feature-packed IP phone enables user to work efficiently with advance call handling capabilities.

SPARSH VP248 is available in two models:

  • SPARSH VP248SE with 2 lines x 24 characters LCD Display and PoE
  • SPARSH VP248S with 2 lines x 24 characters LCD Display

Key Features

Dual Mode Function
Standard SIP ModeFunctions with any SIP enabled infrastructure such as IP-PBX, ITSP and Soft switches.
IP Key Phone ModeFunctions as a key phone in proprietary mode with Matrix ETERNITY range of IP-PBXs.

HD Audio with G.722 Wide-Band Codec
Superior acoustics and crystal clear voice quality of SPARSH VP248 enhances the ways user communicates. As compared to other codecs, G.722 consumes less bandwidth and allows more number of simultaneous calls.

Adjustable LCD Display
The large and swivel backlit LCD is provided with brightness and contrast control to improve readability. Ringer LED on the top of LCD indicates incoming call with blue color indication.

Touch Sense Keys
Touch Sense keys with background LED indication in SPARSH VP248 adds a new dimension to the user experience.SPARSHVP248 has 12 touch sense feature keys, 4-way navigation and 1 center select key.

Programmable Feature Keys
SPARSH VP248 has 29 keys programmable as per user’s convenience and ease of operation. Keys can be assigned for call management features, BLF stations, Call Appearances, SIP trunks, LDAP, Voice mail and many other functions.

Hands-free Speaker
SPARSH VP248 facilitates full duplex hands-free speaker operation for ease of use and flexibility in working style.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Indication
SPARSH VP248 IP Phone has 16 programmable keys to assign BLF extensions. With BLF keys user can monitor the status of local or remote extensions such as busy, available and ringing on DSS keys with dual-color LED indications.

Auto Configuration
SPARSH VP248 supports auto configuration mode for mass deployment scenario. This avoids the need to configure each phone individually. SPARSH VP248 IP Phones located at different places receives configuration files from a centrally located server and automatically configures without any personal assistance.

Phone Book
SPARSH VP248 IP Phone has built-in phone book with 500 entries. SPARSH VP248 has built-in LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) support to access corporate directory from centrally located LDAP server.

Programmable Tones and Rings
SPARSH VP248 can be configured to support the call progress tone such as dial tone, ring back tone, busy tone to match with the different country-specific standards.

Supported Languages
English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

Remote Administration with Web GUI
Simple and easy to use web-based GUI allows user to configure SPARSH VP248 from any local or remote location.

Voice Mail
SPARSH VP248 with dedicated voice mail key and a text message on LCD notifies the user about any new message or voice mail left by the caller in event of the non-availability in office.



VoIP Protocols SIPv2, SDP, RTP, RFC 2833
SIP 3 SIP Accounts, Out Bound Proxy Support, Main and Secondary DNS Server Support
NAT STUN and NAT Keep Alive
Voice Codecs G.722 Wideband, G.711 A/µ-Law, G.723-5.3, G.723-6.3, G.726-16, G.726-24, G.726-32, G.726-40, G.729AB
Call Progress Tones Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone, Busy Tone, Error Tone, Waiting Tone
Voice Dynamic Jitter Buffer (Adaptive), Comfort Noise Generation and Voice Activity Detection
Quality of Service Layer 3 DiffServ and TOS
Data Network Network Port (RJ45), 10/100 Base T (PoE Optional)
PC Port (RJ45), 10/100 Base T
Security Password Protected Configuration

Power Supply:

Input 5VDC @2A through External Adaptor (90-265VAC, 47-63Hz) and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
Power Consumption 5W (Typical)


Dimensions (WxHxD) 24.0x20.0x9.9cm (9.4”x7.9”x3.9”)
Unit Weight 1.18 Kgs (2.6 lbs) Approx.
Installation Mounting Wall Mount and Table-Top (20 Degree and 45 Degree)


Operating Temperature -10°C to + 50°C (14°F to + 122°F)


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