Solution Overview

A very prominent challenge for multi-site offices is to optimize the communication within the distant branches in a cost-effective manner. VoIP telephony has emerged as a new generation communication medium to offer long distance communication at cheaper call rates.

Matrix offers a complete IP telephony solution for establishing multi-site communication over IP. The solution includes IP-PBXs, VoIP gateways, VoIP ATAs and IP phones. The IP-PBXs scales up to 1000 IP users. The VoIP gateways facilitate smooth migration to IP, integrating with the legacy PBX devices and terminals. The VoIP telephony adaptors are ideal and cost-effective solution for teleworkers and SOHOs. Entry-level to executive IP phones suits individual requirements and preferences. Open-standard SIP facilitate integration of Matrix IP solutions with third-party IP-PBX, Proxy and SIP endpoints.

The distant sites once connected over IP can save on long-distance fixed line connection charges. Peer-to-Peer calling allows one to establish calls over existing broadband networks without the need to subscribe services from any ITSP. Integration with traditional telephony networks and devices facilitates calls to be relayed over IP till the last possible mile of termination. 

Key Benefits

Connect multiple office locations over IP
Utilize existing data network to place VoIP calls
Multiple SIP proxy registration allows to enjoy region-wisecheaper call rates
Avoid ITSP charges by placing Direct IP calls between locations
Avoid long-distance fixed-line connection charges with  Hop-on/Hop-off calls to/from the IP network
Reduce maintenance costs with resilient and reliable products
No need of expensive and multiple tie-lines between branches
Access main office resources from remote location
Simplify monitoring and accounting of remote users from centrally located system

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