Solution Overview

Reaching to remote sales people, roaming executives and field staff on daily or hourly basis through traditional telephony networks results into significant increase in communication costs. Enabling these mobile workers with office phone system features and collaborate with other office staff to speed up the decision making is the essential need of dynamic businesses.

Matrix offers a comprehensive mobility solution for field employees no matter where they are located. Mobile workers can utilize all the features of centrally located communication system using laptop, Wi-Fi phones, smart phones and even standard mobile phones as office extensions.


Mobility within the Office

Mobility within the Office

Any Wi-Fi enabled device with SIP support can become an IP extension and avail all desk phone capabilities while freely roaming in campus, cafeteria or any other place within Wi-Fi coverage. Wi-Fi enabled devices such as Laptop with SIP Soft phones, Smart phones and PDAs with SIP support can work as on-site mobile extensions.

Mobility Outside the Office

All convenience features, preferences and settings available on user’s desk phone follows on mobile extensions. Dialling by extension number, trunk access for outbound calls, caller ID, call transfer, auto-attendant, voice mail, conference and lot more allows flexibility to communicate from anywhere and anytime.
Mobility Outside the Office

Advance Mobility Features

Range of Mobile Extensions
Standard GSM mobile phones
SIP enabled Wi-Fi handsets
SIP supported Mobile phones and PDAs
Mobile Trunks Make use of GSM SIMs inserted in the system to connect all calls made on mobile numbers and avoid higher fixed-to-mobile call charges.
Automatic DISA Access Access to centrally located system resources from remote location such as auto-attendant, operator, extension and trunk access
Call Back on Mobile Phone Receive call back on mobile phone to avoid long distance call rates and toll charges
VoIP Calls over UMTS (3G) Utilize UMTS (3G) networks to make and receive VoIP calls
Scheduled Call Forward Forward calls to different destinations as per pre-defined time schedule
Dual Ringing (Mobile Twinning) Simultaneously ring desk phone and mobile for seamless call handling
SIM Balance Inquiry and Recharge Recharge or inquire for balance of SIMs inserted system from remote location

Business Benefits

Single Number Reach
Irrespective of the location of employee – such as at customer premises, remote sites or travelling to the places, single extension number can be used to reach them or drop voice mail in non-availability. No matter what devices they use such as mobile phone or laptop with soft phone, field users can seamlessly avail capabilities of office desk phone and access all the call management features on-the-move. 

Increase Collaboration
Employees and professionals working from field can avail office phone capabilities on their mobile phones to access entire portfolio of centrally located system features. They can utilize outgoing lines of main office to make long distance calls, transfer calls and initiate conference with office staff. This in-turn enhances collaboration with office users, field workers, suppliers and customers to reduce decision making time and increase the revenue.

Reduce Telephony Costs
Mobility extension enables field users to place long distance and international calls using trunk lines of main office.  Remote workers can receive call back on their mobiles avoiding outgoing call charges. When residing within the Internet coverage (Wi-Fi or 3G), field users can be an IP extension and communicate with any other extensions at free of cost. All of these results into substantial reduction in variable call charges incurred by mobile users and utilize resources of main office to control telephony costs.

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