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To get a good intercom communication solution, one cannot deny the possible security advantages.Matrix ETERNITY is the specialized building intercom system serving dual aspects of communication and security systems for the housing colonies, residential and commercial towers of all sizes. ETERNITY intercom system offers auxiliary ports for direct connectivity with emergency detectors, sensors, paging systems and hooters eliminating the need for additional security systems.


Enhance Communication
Enhance Communication

Safeguard Residents Security
Safeguard Residents Security


Uninterrupted and Clear Communication
Residents can enjoy uninterrupted, simultaneous and any-time communication with their neighbors and friends.

User-Friendly Wake-Up Alarms and Reminders                           
Residents can have reminders and alarms from their phones for desired day and time.

Flexible Flat Numbering                       
Mapping of phone extension number with corresponding building or flat number makes it easy to remember and lessen the chances for confusion to take place.

Log the Activities of Security Personnel
Authorized person can monitor security agents to track the intensity of security.

Attain Virtual Conference Rooms
Enable users to have a group conference at their conveniences without participating from any common place.

Extend Flexibility
Built-in auxiliary ports offer flexibility to residents and property owners to broadcast mass announcements and emergency detections during emergency instances.

Zero Cost Apartment-to-Apartment Calling
Residents can freely communicate with a person who is residing in the same building or another building without moving out of their homes.

Enhance and Safeguard Residents’ Security
Residents can acquire future-proof security, convenience and hi-tech living without searching out for individual security devices or agents.    

Emergency Calling  
At the time of emergency, needy can have access to multiple security extensions to call for safety assistance.

Trace Unwanted and Malicious calls
Detailed caller line presentation helps in monitoring the telephone usage and helps in tracing malicious calls.

Suggested Products

ETERNITY GE Building Intercom System for up to 240 ports
ETERNITY ME Building Intercom System for up to 512 ports
ETERNITY LE Building Intercom System for up to 1344 ports



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