Avail Multilateral Cost Benefits From All-In-One Office Solution

In today’s tough economic scenario and shrinking budgets, controlling operating costs and telephony expenses are the biggest challenges for organizations. They need to find new and cost-effective ways to communicate with customers, remote offices and mobile workers. Matrix offers a complete office communication solution for small, medium and large businesses. Depending up on the call type – local, mobile or long distance, calls can be automatically routed from selective outgoing trunks to avail cheapest call tariffs.

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Save On Fixed-To-Mobile Call Cost

Reaching to the mobile workforce and customers on daily or hourly basis using traditional telephony networks results in to significant increase in communication costs. Matrix offers wide range of direct connectivity solutions to GSM/3G networks. The solutions include single channel FCTs and GSM/3G gateways scalable up to 40 channel SIM bank. Matrix also offers a range of IP-PBXs offering in-skin GSM/3G card. This direct connectivity helps to reduce the unnecessary inter connection charges between fixed and mobile networks.

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Reduce Inter-Office Call Cost

A very prominent challenge for multi-site offices is to optimize the communication within the distant branches in a cost-effective manner. Matrix VoIP telephony solution helps establishing multi-site communication over the cost-effective IP network. The distant sites once connected over IP can save on long-distance call charges. Integration with traditional telephony networks and devices facilitates calls to be relayed over IP till the last possible mile of termination.

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