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The rapidly growing telecommunication technology is bringing in opportunities for call centers and contact centers to enhance the productivity and reduce operating cost. To provide prompt customer responsiveness along with ease of use capabilities is a challenge for call center business. A Seamless Communication System is required to enable the business with prompt responsiveness, enhance customer satisfaction and handle customers efficiently.

CTI Interface with Matrix ETERNITY IP-PBX systems allows control of telephone from the PC which includes answering calls or hanging up, transferring, forwarding, conferencing, or placing calls on hold. Third-party CTI software with TAPI2.2 support can be used as medium between CTI applications and IP-PBX.

They can avail benefits of all advanced telephony features with diverse networks support providing anytime connectivity with customers. It offers extended support for innovative business applications such as IVR, ACD, Dialers, Voice Logging and Database Integration for call centers.


TAPI 2.2 Support

Live Monitoring Called Number CLI of Incoming Calls Live Status of Extension

Call Controlling
(for mapped extensions)*
Dial/Answer Call Call Hold Call Retrieve Call Transfer Call Forward Conference

*1. Call Controlling and Live Monitoring available on Digital Key Phone, Single Line Telephone and Extended IP Phone.
*2. Call Controlling not available on Mobile softphone - SPARSH M2S and SIP Extensions.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction Increase Staff Productivity and Efficiency Keep an eye on Agent’s Performance Get Customer Information prior the Call Connection Integration with third – party Call Center Applications: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) Dialers Voice Logger Database Integration

Suggested Products

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ETERNITY PE/ETERNITY GE Communication Solution for Small and Mid-size Call Centers
ETERNITY ME/ETERNITY LE Communication Solution for Large Call Centers


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