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The Premium Business Phone


NEO10 is Avant-grade business phone blended with productivity boosting and convenience features. NEO10 offers intuitive features like Caller ID display, Hands-free speaker operation and dedicated feature keys for ease of operation and rich user experience.

Key Features

  • 3 Line LCD Display
  • Battery Free Operation
  • Built-in Phonebook Memory – 80 Entries
  • Built-in Ringer Melodies – 16 Tunes
  • Call Logs – 76 Entries for Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Cellular Noise RFI Noise Immunity
  • CLI Display – FSK and DTMF
  • Data Port – RJ11 Jack
  • Dedicated Feature Keys
  • Dialed Number Review and Redial – 16 Numbers
  • Dialing Modes – Tone, Pulse
  • Flash Levels – 6
  • Handset Volume Control – 4 Levels
  • Message Wait Indication (MWI) Lamp  
  • Mute, Flash, Speaker, MWI, Redial, Volume, Phonebook, Store, Hold, Pick Up, Call Back, Split, Conference, Pause
  • One-Touch Speed Dial – 10 Keys
  • Speaker Phone Volume Control – 8 Levels



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